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Welcome to the Empire of Alumar!
This is where a little blurb about the Campaign will go. What the world is like, the general theme of our adventures, brief synopses and links to our heroes, etc.

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To understand the current political climate, it may be necessary for you to read about our our current age, known as the Age of Starfall, which began 18,000 years ago with what is now referred to as the Starfall Event. While it won’t be as relevant to the campaign, there will also be a brief page on the Ancestral Age, which began with the coming of the first Mortal races, and the known myths concerning the world’s Prehistory. More information about the government and the various political entities in the Empire can be found in Politics; information about the races, cultures, and attitudes can be found in Culture. The campaign is going to start with everyone as level one Adventurers in the Adventurer’s Guild (which is how you all know each other etc.), though some of you may have secret and not-so-secret affiliations with other organizations across the land!

Who’s excited? I’m excited!

Main Page

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