Organizations of note to be included here
Any secret organizations will be added as you discover them – learn about a secret troop of chainsaw-wielding ninja bears? Links will be added with the information you learn. All information here can be assumed to be common knowledge; some of you may know more, as per your character.

Imperial Government: The government of your great nation. The skinny: ruled by an Absolute Dictator, His Imperial Majesty ReneƩ IX, Master of the World and Sword-arm of the Gods, Wielder of the Bright Blade, Conqueror of Armies and Benevolent Father of the People; his word is Law, and is considered to be a pretty upright fellow by the general populace, better than his Father but not as great as his Grandfather, both of blessed memory. There are Noble Houses, all exclusively Human, that wield some political power within the workings of the Empire, as written out in The Charter Compact. The Empire is considered LN and is widely recognized as harshly just.

Starfall Tower: A mysterious stone edifice in the center of the Great Bay, it is the central location of all magical learning and policymaking in the Empire. All Wizards, Witches, Magi, Summoners, and other practitioners of the Arcane arts come to learn here; it is run by the Imperial Government and keeps dangerous magic away from angry mobs. The University of Arts and Artifice is under its bureaucratic umbrella.

Assembly of Churches: The Assembly is the political body of all the sanctioned churches in the Empire. It is run by the Empire’s second-in-command, His Holiness Adotumal Clanfree; he is an ancient, mysterious Dwarf in a position that has historically been held by Dwarves, only seen by the common people at major religious ceremonies throughout the year.

The Military: Headed by the surprisingly young Lord General Hon Fitz-Gerant (of House Fitz-Gerant), the Military is another of the powerful major institution within the Empire. MORE WILL BE WRITTEN

Druidic Council: Animists. Not really a political power. Primarily composed of Elves. MORE WILL BE WRITTEN

Adventurer’s Guild: One of many officially-sanctioned professional guilds in the land. This is your starting occupation, and it attracts hundreds of young applicants a year. Each grouping of Adventurers (a “Party”) is patroned by a Guildmaster; all you know about your patron so far is that his name is Guildmaster Nicholas von Toffel.


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