Starfall Event

Eighteen hundred and sixty-two years ago, at approximately two hours before dawn on a cold night in early Spring, what was later discovered to be a large meteor containing potent Godstone, a highly magical metallic material of unknown origins, fell onto the eastern coastline of the continent. The impact was massive, resulting in the crater now known as Crater Bay and the decimation of many Human city-states in the region. The meteor, and the resulting impact, was visible from most parts of the continent.

The political nation-people of the Elves, at the time a loose confederacy of family-groups, took the Event as a symbol of some great Spirit’s displeasure with the world. They disbanded their political nation and declared their race to be dedicated forever to the care of the spirits and their shrines. Each Elf became a free person unto him- or her-self, without nation or homeland, and they began wandering the continent to tend to the natural world. Their Queen and her Druidic Council abdicated responsibility for the Material Plane and vanished into the snowy tundra beyond the Snowpeak Mountains, to commune with the Spirit Plane for guidance and purpose.

The Dwarven leaders of Boften Ora, the Kingdom of Dwarves and Gnomes under the Snowpeak Mountains and along the Hills of Trenvor, recorded the date and dug deeper into the earth. They wanted nothing to do with the events to come on the surface; war was coming. Many of the poorer surface-Dwarves and farming Gnomes moved underground with them. Trade with all other people was cut off, their economy slowed, and the Kingdom of Stone sealed their doors to outsiders.

The Orc tribes in the West began to rejoice: this was the sign from their warlike deity, Gruumsh, that they were waiting for! Their God struck the Humans first, and with them weakened by divine wrath they were prime targets for Orcish conquest. Fighting between the tribes – usually a manageable constant – became frenzied: every Orc worth his tusks fought to become the leader of the Orcish Horde and conquer the fertile lands to the East in the name of Gruumsh.

The independent Human city-states were burning. The majority of the population was dead. Chaos erupted. Local warlords began clawing their way to power. The rivers ran with blood and ash. Soon, in slightly more than fifty years of constant warfare, the Human warlord Alman I would overcome his people’s superstition and fear to seek out the godstone at the bottom of Crater Bay and forge the Bright Blade, ending the War and beginning the Empire of Alumar, which has lasted to this day.

Of the Goblins in the southern Swamps, no history records show their reaction. They might have erupted into a frenzy, like the Humans and Orcs, or they might have done nothing. But within two decades the entire Goblinoid race was rapidly enslaved and nearly worked to death by various Orcish and Human warlords. Since then, Goblins have always been a small race with no recorded oral or written history.

Starfall Event

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