Bright Blade

Made of Godsstone in centuries past, this ancient blade is considered to be the Avatar of Zarus in the Material Plane and the symbol of the Empire besides. It is the only one of its kind, and may be the only tool to ever be crafted out of Godsstone – the material is not only exceedingly rare, but barely understood and almost impossible to work with.

This tool was forged by the master smith Desend Langonn, consort of the first Emperor and first to be given the honor of Lord.

(Yes, consort. What, you think the Emperor only had one person to warm his bed? Zarus considers nothing consensual between two humans to be sinful)

The extent of the Bright Blade’s powers is not known to the public. A wide range of powers are attributed to it, ranging from healing the sick to calling down lightning, and each retelling of its storied history has a different description of its strengths

Bright blade

Bright Blade

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