University of Arts and Artifice

Subsidiary of the Tower, the University is technically a subset of the Imperial Government. It was only founded a generation ago, and while the University is free and public it is not very well known in the wider Empire. It was founded by the late Saela Morrigan Blackstone, a master Dwarven artist and “Mother of Artifice,” who died in AS 1851.

Mistress Blackstone, as she preferred to be called, was famed for her work on statues, and paintings, and architecture, – including Ave Imperator, the fountain depicting the divine court held by Zarus that sits in the center of Starfall’s Cathedral District. While it is widely acclaimed as her finest work, its design and construction took her and her apprentices mere months. While beautiful renditions, one should note that the likenesses of each of the Gods are almost identical to the depictions of various mountain and river spirits upon shrines scattered throughout the countryside. The poses, of course, match one of her old oil works for a minor Lord of House Corvine, when she was just beginning her work. Her greatest works are what laid down the foundation for the field of Artifice, and the University in general. While completely mundane in nature, and all but impractical to construct as anything aside from curious wonders, her notes on clockwork and engineering inspired the first Artificers. Rumors of lost designs of hers abound, with tales ranging from the complex and wonderous ‘Blackstone Flier’ to the absurd and impratical ‘Moving Tower.’

(A collected edition of her notes – which no Artificer of the Academy would go without – counts as Masterwork Item for the skills ‘Knowledge: Engineering’ and ‘Craft: Clockworks’ for any check that takes longer than 10 rounds.)

Currently, the Dean of the University is Caldwell of Langonn, the second son of the Lady Langonn.

University of Arts and Artifice

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